Seven Republicans Vote For O’Malley’s FY 2014 Budget

Seven Republican senators David Brinkley, Richard Colburn, George Edwards, Joseph Getty, Barry Glassman, Alan Kittleman, and Chris Shank crossed party lines to join Democrats in approving Governor O’Malley’s FY 2014 budget.  The upper chamber approved the $37 billion spending plan in a 42-5 vote.
The spending plan increases state expenditures by $ 1 billion allocating the majority of general fund to educations spending.  Brinkley told the Carroll County Times that he, Glassman, and Kittleman voted for the budget because the chamber adopted amendments that would restore some funding reductions to eight counties including Allegany, Calvert, Cecil, Garrett, Harford, and St. Mary’s.  Funding is determined by a formula based on enrollment and county’s wealth.
The House of Delegates approved its version of the budget last week.  The budget will now go to conference committee to hammer out differences between the two chambers.  
There is no guarantee Brinkley’s amendments will survive conference committee.  

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