Is Prince George’s Democratic Senator Joanne Benson Losing It?

From the Appalachian Independent

Outbursts in Annapolis

Written by Elisabeth Hoffman
Friday, 01 March 2013 15:09
–from the blog ClimateHoward

At least half a dozen Western Maryland residents rose in the dark, left home as an ice storm approached, traveled 200 miles to Annapolis and waited, along with environmental and health activists, for nearly six hours yesterday to testify in favor of a moratorium on fracking in the state.

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For their trouble, they were screamed at repeatedly by state Sen. Joanne Benson, a member of the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.

“We are going through an exercise in futility,” she shrieked. And then she yelled again: “We are going through an exercise in futility here. It’s a dead issue.” And, “Nothing is going to happen.” And “The decision has already been made.” (Oddly, Benson is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 514 that would ban fracking in Maryland.)

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1. Not only was Benson screaming and shrieking in a public forum, certainly behavior unbecoming a state senator, but she was screaming and shrieking at people who apparently support a bill she sponsors.  Huh?

2. In 2010 the Republican Party did not even bother to run a candidate against this ultra-liberal woman.

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