Gamecock State of Mind

The State Party has decided to double-down on the decision to start wasting resources chasing Martin O’Malley around the country…..

The following went on in an email to Central Committee members today:

Hey folks, 

I wanted to make sure you saw this release. I am heading to SC for events against Governor O’Malley on Friday and Saturday. We have been working cooperatively with the Republican Governor’s Association, the Republican National Committee, and the South Carolina GOP on this just as we have with other state parties for the past year or so. I’ll also be meeting with the staff of potential speakers for upcoming events for some of the Central Committees and special events for the MDGOP.

This is the MDGOP going on the offensive and it will help set the stage for the 2014 dialog in our targeted seats about jobs and the economy. Martin O’Malley and the Democratic legislators have raised taxes 35 times (with more to come), 6,500 small businesses have left Maryland, and spending is out of control in Annapolis.

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If you have any questions, please let me know. I am available by phone and e-mail if you need anything. 

— David FergusonExecutive DirectorMaryland Republican Party

I will leave it to you, gentle reader, to decide how fighting Martin O’Malley in South Carolina means going on the offensive in Maryland.

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