Diana Waterman’s Continuing Truthiness Problems

Interim MDGOP Chair, Diana Waterman released another misleading statement this afternoon regarding her to remove National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose from the RNC Standing Committee on Rules.
In an email to central committee members Waterman writes

I wanted to share an update on the situation I wrote to you about concerning the RNC Standing Rules Committee. While those who are issuing their criticisms may continue, the fact is, as confirmed by the RNC, that the committee membership was not considered set or seated until after the March 1st deadline and even beyond that deadline a state’s RNC representatives may caucus and nominate a new member.  I am attaching an email issued today by the RNC that clearly states there was no procedural issue with Louis Pope’s re-appointment.   We caucused Thursday by email to clarify the nomination of Louis Pope to remain on the Rules Committee.

What Waterman thinks is an acquittal is in fact an indictment.
The email she refers to, written by RNC Counsel John L. Ryder, states in part:

The RNC Counsel’s office has received conflicting letters with respect to the Maryland delegation’s appointment to the RNC Standing Committee. While we were first notified on February 19th that Nicolee Ambrose was designated as Maryland’s appointee, on February 28th, we were subsequently notified of the delegation’s rescission of her appointment and its appointing of Louis Pope to the committee.

Ryder’s email refutes Waterman’s March 25th email to central committee members, in which she wrote “Nicolee was never on the Rules Committee so the discussion that somehow I removed her is incorrect.”

Furthermore, there is nothing in Ryder’s email that affirms Waterman’s claim that Ambrose’s appointment was “not considered set or seated until after the March 1st deadline.”
Waterman’s claim that her replacement of Ambrose with Pope was procedurally correct is responding to an argument no one made.  In fact, it reinforces the fact that she removed Ambrose from the committee.
And it bears repeating that this was a conscientious decision by Waterman to follow through with Pope’s controversial tenure on the RNC rules committee. Pope’s participation in the rules changes at the Tampa Convention led to the alienation of a large faction of Republican activists, a problem Ambrose had pledged to fix.

By appointing Pope, Waterman sends a clear signal that she is either unaware of the ramifications of Pope’s continuing participation on the Rules Committee, or that she simply does not care.

Either way, it was a ham handed political move that demonstrates her unsuitability as Chairman. At the very least, the MDGOP needs a Chairman who exhibits a modicum of political savvy.

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