Bongino Calls for Waterman’s Resignation

Former U.S. Senate Candidate Daniel Bongino has called for interim chair of the Maryland Republican Party, Diana Waterman to resign.
On his Facebook Page, Bongino wrote:

There is a NATIONAL fight for the heart & soul of OUR Party & Maryland has now become ground zero for the fight. I do not have the time to describe my litany of very serious problems with specific MDGOP Party elites, but one specific official, acting MDGOP Chair Diana Waterman, who is fully subscribed to the failed “old-guard, wait-in-line” approach to politics, has decided to violate both our trust & that of grassroots, liberty-loving Marylanders by removing Nicolee Ambrose (MDGOP National Committee-Woman) from her duly elected position on the National GOP rules committee. You may be wondering why this matters. It matters because it is core to the taking back of OUR Party. Nicolee has fought, to the chagrin of some, tirelessly for a voice for our passionate liberty wing & our devout grassroots activists. She has also refused to cede any ground to liberal ideology by venturing frequently into areas monopolized by the machine, such as Baltimore City & Prince George’s County. This naked political grab is an effort to silence you, me and anyone else who refuses to play the game & “get in line”.

PLEASE help. Please email & call the MDGOP today at & (410) 263-2125 & demand the immediate resignation of Diana Waterman & the return of Nicolee to a position she has earned with sweat &, at times tears. If I did not believe this fight was larger than Maryland & for our very heart & soul, I would not ask this of you.

Red Maryland founder Greg Kline is challenging Waterman to replace former chairman Alex Mooney, who resigned and left the state to run for Congress in West Virginia.

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