An Endorsement for Greg Kline for Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party

The following is submitted by Eugene Craig, III a member of the Baltimore County Republican State Central Committee.  

To all this may concern:
I am Eugene Craig III, a 22 year old Black Republican from Baltimore County and the newest member of the Baltimore County Republican Party Central Committee. I am proud to announce in wake of the recent actions and lack of effective leadership by the current Interim MDGOP Chair of our party, Diana Waterman, I am giving my full 110% support and endorsement to Greg Kline for Maryland Republican Party Chair at our upcoming convention. 
Greg is a tireless activist for Conservative and Republican causes and candidates. He has helped provide an active voice for the many people who help make up a massively growing and developing grassroots community here in Maryland. As a person who is a part of the next generation of Republicans and will have an active stake in the future of this party, I believe Greg is the right person to lead our party into 2014 and beyond.
The actions Diana Waterman have taken in regards to our RNC Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose are not only unacceptable, but disgraceful. These actions proved to me and many others around the state that Diana Waterman is not only unfit for the chair position and lacks the leadership qualities to lead our party, but should immediately step down from her current position of 1stVice-Chair of the Party.
Greg if elected chair will be focused on growing our party across the state, and gearing up for the 2014 election. He is ready to go into places where we have not traditionally done well before (Prince George’s County, Baltimore City, and Montgomery County), and share our ideas and causes.  Greg is also ready to grow our fundraising network, something that can only be done on the grassroots level, so that ALL of our candidates may be competitive in every race. Greg has also pledged to see to it that we leave no race uncontested, and cede no more ground to the Democrats via uncontested races.
The most important thing is Greg is ready to bring all of our groups and supporters together. He is ready to reach out to liberty republicans like myself, grassroots activists, conservative activists, old guard republicans, and people who in the past would not have considered a home in the Republican Party.  I care deeply about our state and our party, and the future of both of them.  Greg Kline is ready to lead as the chair of our party, and ready to build a bright future for the MDGOP.
I am giving my 110% full support and endorsement to Greg Kline, and will be reaching out to other Central Committee members so that our party has a bright future.
Sincerely and For the Future of our state and party,
Eugene Craig III, Baltimore County Central Committee Member
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