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Victor Ramirez Slanders Rand Paul

Maryland State Senator Victor Ramirez (D Prince George’s) took to his Facebook page today to slander US Senator Rand Paul (R, KY) and the Tea Party.

Ramirez wrote:

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky says he sees voters wanting, quote, “somebody who wants to round people up, put in camps and send them back to Mexico.” He is a Tea Party favorite! Good luck!”

The thing is, Rand Paul didn’t say that.

Ramirez was quoting a killed AP story that left out the word “don’t” as in Paul said voters “don’t want somebody who wants to round people up, put in camps and send them back to Mexico.”

The AP retracted that story yesterday.  

While Paul is a Tea Party Favorite, he also takes a more libertarian approach to immigration that differs from most Tea Party activists.  In fact, Ramierz and Paul probably agree more than they disagree on immigration.  However, Ramirez intention wasn’t to enlighten his constituents, it was fear mongering.  


Ramirez posted a correction to his Facebook page. No apology for posting misinformation that was corrected.  You decide his sincerity.  

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