Red Maryland Radio: 2/14/2013

It might have been Valentine’s Day, but tonight was one of the most inspired and spirited episodes of Red Maryland Radio we’ve ever done. I’m very proud of this episode.

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  • Greg and I continue Red Maryland’s team coverage of Alex Mooney’s impending resignation as Maryland GOP Chairman. We play some clips from November’s editions of RMR, showing our prescience in predicting Mooney’s impending resignation (including me noting he would “resign by February 15th), review Mooney’s explicit denials from November, take to task those people who told us how wrong we were, and we say exactly what Alex Mooney is: a selfish Chairman.
  • We discuss potential candidates to replace Mooney, with Jim Rutledge calling in to break the news that he would NOT be candidate for State Party Chairman
  • The latest on the situation in Anne Arundel County with the County Executive vacancy, including the potential candidates who have and have not filed for the office and the potential cascading impact the selection will have.
  • The next vacancy may be that of House Minority Leader, as there is a push to replace Tony O’Donnell; we talk about why talk about that during the Session is insane, and why Le Roy Myers, most famous for being one of O’Malley’s Enablers and for his bill regarding fake truck testicles, is an unacceptable choice as Minority Leader.
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