My Statement on the Race for the MDGOP Chair

This piece was extraordinarily hard to write, much more than I initially thought it was going to be. The outpouring of support and enthusiasm for my potential MDGOP chairmanship campaign has been truly humbling.
Unfortunately, I will not be a candidate for MDGOP Chair at this time. As much as I would love to serve in this capacity and help transform this party into the party we all know that it can be, circumstances dictate that I cannot seek this post this time.
But my decision should not be seen as an indication that I have lost faith in the potential that this party has to really transform the state of Maryland. I have not! There are merely two very plain, but totally unavoidable circumstances that have led me to this decision.
First and foremost, is my wife’s career. Many of you know that my wife, Janice, is an officer serving in the US Air Force.  Many of you also know that my family recently celebrated the news that Janice will be getting promoted to full Colonel in another year. And while this is a truly momentous and celebratory occasion, it also comes with a melancholy possibility that we will be moving from Maryland sometime in the very near future—possibly this summer, possibly in another year.
While there is a very slight possibility that we would be staying in Maryland, and while we have every intention of moving back here when my wife’s military service comes to an end, the reality is we will likely be moving away from Maryland for some period of time, sometime in the next 18 months.  This was the subject of a great deal of discussion, with friends and colleagues from all around the state—could I take on the post, and try to implement a plan, with the possibility that I may be moving in 4 months or 16 months?
In the end, I did not, in good conscience, feel that I could seek this post were I not going to be able to carry out any plan that I had created to the maximum effect and to its fullest conclusion. It would not be fair to any of you or to the party as a whole.  
Were I staying here, were I able to guarantee that I would be in Maryland long enough to see a plan implemented which would fundamentally transform the way that the MDGOP operates, then I would be running. As I said before, I have not lost faith in the potential for those who believe in free markets and limited government in Maryland to have a truly transformative impact on the state. And in discussing my potential run, and the potential candidacies of other individuals, it has become clear that the way the MDGOP conducts business as a party must change!
It is to that end, that this group of individuals deeply concerned with the direction in future of the Maryland Republican Party has gathered together to plan and strategize for how to make that’s entirely necessary changes happen, and happen now. We have thought long and hard about the potential leaders for this party moving into the future.
It is to that and that I announce my support it this time for my friend and RedMaryland colleague, Gregory M. Kline for Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. I have known Greg for a number of years, and many of you have got to know him as well through his political volunteer work, and his work in building both Red Maryland, the preeminent Maryland conservative political blog, and the RedMaryland Radio Network.
Greg is both thoughtful and serious—someone of deeply-held conservative convictions who is an outspoken fighter for the values we all hold dear.  His keen intellect and forward-thinking is exactly what this party needs in a new chairman.
Here is my pledge to you: I will work to elect Greg chairman of the state party. I will help Greg put together a group of tireless, well intentioned volunteers to make his chairmanship a reality, and then work with him in that role as a sort of kitchen cabinet. We will insure that the chairmanship is not the job of one individual.  It can’t be.  We will work to ensure that the various factions in the Maryland Republican Party come together.
This is the time for serious people to come together because our state is in serious trouble. We need people like Greg, thoughtful, serious leaders, who will bring thoughtful, serious leadership to the state party.
Thank you all again for your enthusiasm and support for me.  Please, join me in showering Greg with that enthusiastic support.
In Liberty,
Andrew Langer

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