From the Red Maryland “We Told You So File” MDGOP Chair Alex Mooney Resigns

Yesterday, Red Maryland broke the story that MDGOP Chairman Alex Mooney announced his resignation effective March 1, 2013.

BREAKING @mdreps Chair @chairmanmooney resigns effective 3/1. #mdpolitics #mdcons
— RedMaryland (@RedMaryland) February 9, 2013

The First Vice Chairman Diana Waterman will fill Mooney’s shoes until a permanent replacement is selected at the party’s spring convention in April.

In his message to party leaders, Chairman Mooney stated, :
“After twelve years in the state senate immediately followed by two years as MDGOP Chairman, it is time for me to pursue other ventures.”

The fact that Chairman Mooney had interests in pursuing “other ventures” beyond being chairman of the Maryland Republican Party is no surprise but has been known from the day he took the job.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we called on Chairman Mooney to resign back in Noevember after the debacle that was the 2012 election here in Maryland.  The most quoted portion of our call for resignation was this:

“As conservatives we hoped Senator Mooney’s leadership would be principled and competent, a departure from previous chairmen.  We still need that kind of chairman and know that those who want to take us in a more moderate direction see an opportunity here but the truth has to be spoken. Chairman Mooney has done a poor job, a job that simply isn’t his first political priority.  We cannot avoid saying the Emperor has no clothes because he is a conservative Emperor.”

In our Red Maryland Network broadcasts both from November’s convention and during the week of the convention, we noted repeatedly that Chairman Mooney had no intention of completing his term of office as chairman and we specifically stated that he would resign in early February.  At the time, we knew, and told the truth that all those around Senator Mooney also knew, that Alex Mooney already made his plans and was holding up the state party  from moving forward in finding his successor in order to serve his own selfish political ambitions.

We were proven right.  Now the party has a lame duck Chair for three weeks, followed by an interim chair for six weeks, before a permanent chair can be put into place.  It was wrong for Chairman Mooney to deprive his successor, whoever that is, five months of momentum as we all move toward the 2014 elections.  The right thing would have been to resign in the lead up to the November convention so that new leadership could be selected and dedicated to 2014.  It is endemic of what is wrong with the MDGOP that only a group summarily dismissed (ie Red Maryland) are the only ones speaking truth and putting the greater ends of the party first.

This incident has not only added to the credibility of this blog but has reinforced our dedication to make the conservative movement and the MDGOP bigger than any one person be they elected official, wannabe elected official or ambitious would be politicians.  What is at stake is everything that we as conservatives hold dear, our liberties, our property, the very culture in which we find ourselves.  

To sublimate the larger goals of our movement to parochial political interest is unacceptable and will continue to be noted and commented upon on this blog.  The establishment has many Emperors who have no clothes and we will continue to expose them here.

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