Del. Frank Turner wants to “Collect Assault Weapons Already in Circulation”

Hat tip to Jackie Wellfonder at Watchdog Wire Maryland

In an email response to an inquiry about gun control legislation, Delegate Frank Turner, a Columbia Democrat wrote: 

Thank you for contacting me concerning possible legislation to help control the proliferation of gun violence.

As you may be aware, I have supported a ban on the sales of assault weapons and large capacity magazines and for instant background checks on all gun sales and for a ban on carrying concealed weapons.

There will be many bills in January to address the problems stated above. The real challenge is how to collect the thousands of assault weapons already in circulation and the need to add more state and federal funding to mental health issues [emphasis mine].I appreciate hearing your comments and concerns surrounding these many difficult issues that need to be addressed [emphasis mine].

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Best wishes,Frank

Delegate Frank S. TurnerHouse Ways and Means CommitteeChairman, Finance Resources SubcommitteeDistrick 13 – Howard CountyRoom 206, HOB410-541-3246/301-858-3246Fax: 410-841-3986Email:

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