Video: O’Malley Shows No Grasp of Unsustainable Entitlement Spending

Here’s Governor O’Malley on Morning Joe yesterday showing a fundamental lack of understanding of the fiscal time bomb that is our unsustainable entitlement spending. Never mind that Medicare will be insolvent in 2024 we have Obamacare O’Malley says.  If the “states just step up” he says, top-down price controls will work this time, despite their history of utter failure.

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Also, O’Malley he says his poor record on job creation, not the $6.5 billion in tax hikes and teacher pension shift, and swapping cash for bond debt as the reason for closing the structural deficit.

But it’s all good you know, because the real news out of this is that O’Malley wore a Ravens jersey.

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h/t News Nija

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