Rosapepe’s Blessing is a Curse in Disguise

 You have to love the brass of Maryland Democrats. They love taking other people’s money (and spending it) and they don’t mind bragging about it either.
Here’s State Senator Jim Rosapepe from Prince George’s County defendingMaryland’s dangerous reliance on federal spending.

“One of the criticisms is we’re too dependent on the federal government,” Rosapepe said. “I would argue that it’s a little bit like saying Texas is too dependent on oil…” “We’re blessed with being right next to Washington, D.C.,” he said. “The proof is in the pudding. We’re the wealthiest state in the United States.”

There you have it U.S. taxpayers: a sitting Maryland state senator bragging about the redistribution of your money to the wealthy swells here in Maryland, many of whom he hits up for campaign cash.
However, we should thank Senator Rosapepe, because he highlights the fact that Maryland does not have a business climate so much as it has a government climate. 
Maryland’s economy and “wealth” isn’t based on state business creating products or services that people want at a fair price.  Rather, it’s based on the redistribution of taxpayer dollars through the federal workforce and contracting.  
Given that we are out of money, one would think the Democratic majority would stop cannibalizing Maryland’s private sector to help soften the blow of the cuts to federal spending that must happen.  Yet, just last month we saw anotherindex in a long list of rankings showing Maryland’s hostility to free enterprise. 
We are close t the point where the rest of the nation will realize that Rosapepe’s “blessing” is their curse.

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