Does Maryland really need a state sandwich?

Once again I feel embarrassed and betrayed.  According to the Washington Post (Maryland already has a state dessert. Now lawmakers will consider a state sandwich), a Republican state senator, Richard F. Colburn of Dorchester, is sponsoring a bill to “designate the soft-shell crab sandwich as Maryland’s official ‘state sandwich.;”

While the Maryland GOP ponders this trivia, the party and its “leaders” have remained silent about Gov. O’Malley’s appointment of Democrat Darren Swain to the vacant district 24 delegate position.

Deadbeat Swain, who has a a long record of traffic offenses, one of which escalated into a circuit court criminal case, also seems to have a problem paying his bills.  For example. Discover sued him for over $12,000 in 2008, and won a judgment and lien against him then, but the only record that he actually settled the claim is dated January 9, 2013, when he started actively seeking the delegate position.

Earlier, the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee and various party leaders recommended Greg Hall for the position.  Hall, involved in the murder of a 13 year old two decades ago, is a deadbeat dad and convicted gunslinging drug and gun thug.  The Maryland and Prince George’s GOP establishments were silent about that choice, and have remained silent about the hypocrisy of Democrats who support gun control legislation, while supporting a gun criminal for delegate.

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The GOP was also silent before that, when recently ousted Delegate Tiffany Alston was convicted of crimes and booted from the General Assembly.

And in the last election, the GOP didn’t even bother to run a candidate for delegate or senator in district 24.

At no time in the history of this sorry episode could I find any statement from the Republican party or any current party or elected GOP officials about Democratic misconduct, bad judgment, or hypocrisy.  Nor did the party ever advance, either formally or informally any name of any suggested honest squeaky-clean person, either Republican or Democrat, for the position.

So, just what is important to our GOP folks in Annapolis?  I’m inclined to conclude that trivia trumps rebuilding the party and Republican principles like limited government or protecting our rights.

If we really need a state sandwich, baloney might be more appropriate.

D.C. Russell

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