Tari Moore: Unfit to Serve

As Mark noted yesterday, Cecil County Executive-elect Tari Moore defected from the Republican Party this week in order to become an independent, days before resigning her County Council seat to assume her new office.

Now this is certainly no way to start off your administration and truthfully, Moore has basically committed one of the more fraudulent and  delegitimizing acts I have seen here in Maryland politics. Moore was elected by a slim majority, as a Republican, not as an independent to her new position. She won the Republican Primary, not by default, but by defeating six other Republicans in the primary. A primary she won, incidentally, with less than half of the Republican primary voters supporting her.  Think those voters who supported her through the electoral process have a bit of buyer’s remorse now that she has abandoned her party?

The stated reasoning of her change in affiliation, to deny the Cecil County Republican Central Committee the ability to help choose her successor, is an even more corrupt and reprehensible decision. The change in affiliation means that at the end of the day Moore, and not any elected representatives of the party which helped catapult her to her new position, will decided he replaces her on the Cecil County Council and deny the people a voice, a  point clearly made in the statement of Cecil County GOP Chairman Chris Zeauskas.

I don’t know Tari Moore, had never heard from her, she didn’t ask me for money, and she never sought our endorsement. I understand from both sides that there is an intraparty squabble at work here. But from the outside looking in I can tell you that what she did is beyond reprehensible and destroys the credibility of her administration from day one, an even more daunting proposition for Cecil County given the fact that she is the first County Executive in county history. Let’s face it, the voters got the wool pulled over their eyes by their newly elected Exec, who has abandoned principle and displayed a disturbing lack of judgment in order to merely settle scores and retain power over the County Council. 

Before even taking the oath of office, Tari Moore proved herself to be a disgrace who is unfit to serve Cecil County.

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