Phoebus Petitions Obama to Cancel Vacation, Spend Money on Sandy Relief for Crisfield

USA Today picked up on John Phoebus’, a former candidate for the House of Delegates, White House petition drive to get disaster relief aid for Crisfield.

John Phoebus wants President Barack Obama to cancel an upcoming vacation and send the $4 million it will cost to Somerset County, Md. for disaster relief. “It highlights how little it will take to fix Crisfield,” he said.After Phoebus and the rest of Somerset learned this week the county had been denied help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, he decided to appeal it straight to the White House — or at least to The organizer of a volunteer hurricane recovery group in Crisfield, Phoebus said he recently met with city officials to estimate the cost of fixing all the houses damaged by Hurricane Sandy. “It’s amazingly close to what taxpayers are spending to send the president to Hawaii,” he said. Phoebus created an online petition on the White House website and by Friday afternoon — less than 48 hours after it was created — it had 1,774 signatures, some of them from as far away as Texas, California and Nevada. 

FEMA recently denied Maryland federal disaster relief funds.

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Phoebus needs 25,000 for an official response. However, Crisfield has a population of only 26,470. 

You can sign the petition here.

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