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While waiting for the Ravens game this afternoon and your income taxes to increase in 2013, take a look at what Big Brother is up to when it comes to personal property in Safe Deposit Boxes:

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Granted, the video is dated, but you can bet the activities of State and Big Government robberies are still going on, now more than ever.

In Maryland, safe deposit box contents and safekeeping properties reported after three years as “unclaimed” by banks and financial institutions are picked up by the State’s Field Audit unit and delivered to the Office of the Comptroller.

The Comptroller’s office claims they “try to locate the owners through newspaper advertising, news media campaigns, mass mailings, outreach programs” and their “free online search service.”
Some of the “unclaimed property items from abandoned safe deposit boxes” seized are “being auctioned on eBay to obtain the best return in value for the rightful owners.” They don’t charge a fee for returning your property to you. Isn’t that swell…

All fifty states have paid private contractors to seize private property. As mentioned in the ABC News report, this isn’t just limited to safe deposit boxes: Land rights and stocks are also at risk.

FYI: the FDIC does not cover cash contents in bank safe deposits and the Department of Homeland Security has the right to conduct searches and seizures of bank accounts and safe deposit boxes without warrants.

Feeling the chill from yet another constitutional right stripped away out of the so-called “necessity” under the so called “Patriot Act” yet, fellow Patriots?

The best advice is to make contact with your bank, financial or securities holders at least once a year to make sure your property is protected. Be sure to get someone to sign off once appropriate contact has been made.

If you thought FDR’s Executive Order 6102 “forbidding the hording of Gold” was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Next, your IRA will to be nationalized and used to help provide retirement funds for the oppressed,

As frequent e-mailer “anon Ron listener” wrote when he sent me the safe deposit box story link, “In the New America, private property is, of course, a fiction. All belongs to the State for furthering the goals of the Party.”

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