We Touched a Nerve

The Baltimore Sun wrote about our call for Alex Mooney to resign.

Here’s a snippet.

Under the headline “Alex Mooney Must Resign,” the authors declare that the conservative former state senator bears responsibility for the party’s loss on the ballot questions because he instead concentrated on a doomed effort to defend the Republican congressional seat held by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett.
Authors Mark Newgent, Brian Griffiths, Gregory M. Kline and James Braswell charged that Mooney had focused on his eventual hope of succeeding Bartlett rather than doing his job as party chairman.
“Chairman Mooney has done a poor job, a job that simply isn’t his first political priority,” they wrote. “We cannot avoid saying the emperor has no clothes because he is a conservative emperor.”
But Mooney said he has no plans to resign and that he intends to serve out the remaining two years of his term. “I don’t even take that seriously,” he said. “Ever since I got elected chairman, there have been people criticizing.”
While he didn’t take a position on Mooney, former Del. Don Murphy, a Baltimore County Republican, said the Red Maryland blog and associated Internet radio network are increasingly influential in GOP circles.
“I’ve said some crazy things in my life but calling Red Maryland not serious isn’t one of them,” he said.

Chairman Mooney may not take us seriously, we’re adults we can handle that. We just wish he’d take the job he was elected to do seriously.
By the way, you can listen to all the programming on our “increasingly influential”network live on the Red Maryland Network and download all our episodes on Itunes.

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