We Remain Vigilant

One of the things that the Republican blogosphere does far better than the Democratic blogosphere is doing our job to keep our side honest and keep our side pulling on the same rope. One of those examples was today.

Many folks, myself included, received a robocall from Rob Sobhani. The call was “about the petition drive and his campaign for U.S. Senate.” The call specifically advertised the presence of Del. Neil Parrott, former Baltimore County Central Committee Chairman Tony Campbell, and Sue Payne from Pat McDonough’s office. 
Needless to say, alarm bells went off as our very own Andrew Langer was the first to report and many people were under the impression that the participation of these folks, but most notably Parrott, was a tacit endorsement of the Sobhani campaign. And there was a LOT of consternation on the part of a LOT of people. It’s bad enough when we lose people like the Enablers to support Martin O’Malley’s gambling expansion bill and those people come back to haunt us on direct mailers right before the election. But when it comes down to three days before the election we need to have all hands on deck. Not one Republican club member, party official, or elected official should even do something that would even hint of impropriety and supporting a candidate that is not a Republican.
Within hours, both Parrott and McDonough had sprung into a response mode. Parrott sent this out a little before 6:

HAGERSTOWN – Earlier today, Delegate Parrott participated in a tele-conference call with Rob Sobhani where Delegate Parrott joined other community leaders speaking about the reasons why voters should vote against questions 4, 5, 6 and 7.  Before the call he participated in a rally in Montgomery County with Dan Bongino and other leaders urging voters to vote against questions 4, 5, 6 and 7.  After the call, Delegate Parrott spoke at another rally in Frederick urging a No vote on question 7.

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As Chairman of MDPetitions.com, Delegate Parrott has spoken against questions 4-7 on several media outlets, including NPR and the Baltimore Sun.  He also participated at a rally sponsored by a Baltimore City Democrat to talk about why voters should vote no on questions 4-7.

While participating in forums hosted by many different candidates and groups, Delegate Neil Parrott, Chairman of MDPetitions.com, clarifies that he is 100% supportive of Dan Bongino’s run for the US Senate in Maryland.

Mr. Parrott stated that “Dan Bongino is the only candidate with fresh ideas to get more jobs into Maryland by allowing the free market to work.  I have been completely impressed with Dan’s knowledge of economics and his understanding that only through free market concepts we can get our economy running again and make our schools competitive.”

Of all of the candidates running for US Senate, only Dan Bongino:

1)      Signed the referendum petition to get SB 167, the bill that would subsidize the college tuition costs for illegal aliens, or question #4, on the ballot. 

2)      Signed the petition that would allow voters the opportunity to decide on whether or not to keep America’s most gerrymandered congressional districting map on the ballot, question #5. 

3)      Signed the petition to allow Marylanders to vote on whether or not to keep the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, question #6.

Parrott indicated that “Dan Bongino’s leadership on not only signing, but supporting the referendum petitions early on was a great part of the reason that we have three ballot questions on the ballot this year. No other candidate for US Senate can claim any help at all with allowing Marylanders the opportunity to vote on the ballot questions this year.”                      

At  7:30, McDonough sent this brief note:

There seems to be some misunderstanding about Dan Bongino and my position regarding his Campaign for US senate. I have endorsed Dan from the beginning and I am supporting him 100%. I have made this announcement on numerous occasions on radio and at public events. He has also been a frequent guest on my radio show and I will be volunteering and working for him on election day.

So now that we’ve got that taken care of, and we’re all glad that these two Republicans continue to profess their support for Dan Bongino our nominee, notwithstanding the tremendous error in judgment of associating their names with Sobhani (Parrott in particular; Sue Payne, McDonough’s staffer doesn’t exactly speak for him and she even called into Red Maryland Radio this week to note that she voted for Sobhani).

Regardless, this is why we do what we do and why we remain vigilant even with those in our own party. Because those who aren’t with us when it counts are against us, and yes everybody here at Red Maryland is taking names….

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