Today in Robocalls…

I got a twofer on robocalls today.

The first was from “Republican Leaders Referendum Guide” which is a front group of former Republican officials including Michael Steele and Audrey Scott. David Moon at Maryland Juice went into detail describing the group yesterday, and it is nothing more than a front group for Pro-Question 7 interests.
The second call was on behalf of Rob Sobhani, headlined by a “lifelong conservative here in Maryland” who says the “Republican nominee for Senate” doesn’t support English as the official language and that Rob Sobhani is the “true conservative” in the race for Senate (his endorsement of Barack Obama notwithstanding I guess). Most importantly, the call does not have an authority line on it, which is a very big no no when it comes to campaign materials.
Don’t believe me. Here, listen for yourself:

EDIT: Richard Cross reminded me of something; that the lack of authority line is why Julius Henson went to jail in the 2010 robocall scandal. Will Rob Sobhani or one of his underlings do time for this call?

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