Mooney Spent MDGOP Resources on Candidate Who Left Party After Winning Election

According to a report in the Cecil Times blog, Cecil County’s newly elected, County Executive, Tari Moore changed her party affiliation on Thursday afternoon from Republican to unaffiliated.  

Moore is Cecil County’s first ever executive under the new charter government, approved by voters in 2010.

Moore sent an email to the Cecil Times stating:

“Today I filed with the County Board of Elections to change my voter affiliation to one who is unaffiliated with any political party.

“I have done so only after long and careful consideration, and because I believe that the best interests of all Cecil County citizens should outweigh my own personal preferences in this matter.”

An official with the Cecil County Board of Elections confirmed Moore’s switch.

Moore stated she would explain her party switch after she is sworn in on Monday.
During the election, the Maryland Republican Party sent a mailer officially supporting Moore and two other candidates for county council, Robert Hodge and Alan McCarthy.
Moore is vacating her seat on the current board of commissioners to take the county executive spot.  Under the new charter government, the county council would select Moore’s replacement from a list of three names provided by the Cecil County Republican Central Committee.  However, Moore’s switch to unaffiliated creates some controversy.  

The new county charter requires the county council to appoint a replacement by majority vote, and if the member vacating the office is a member of a political party, then the council must select from a list of three candidates provided by that party’s central committee.  Moore’s switch cuts out the Cecil County Republican Central Committee out the process.  Also, as explained by the Cecil Times factional politics in the council would most likely result in a deadlocked vote on Moore’s replacement.  Then, according, the the charter, if the council does not appoint a replacement within thirty days, Moore as county executive would get to name her replacement.  Given her switch to unaffiliated, there is no guarantee Moore would select a Republican to replace her. 

Andy Harris, Nancy Jacobs, and several conservative and Republican organizations all endorsed Moore during the primary.
Congratulations Alex Mooney, you spent state party resources supporting a candidate who ended up leaving the Republican party, and embarrassing a lot of people, after she was elected, losing what would have been a Republican controlled county government. 

Looks like Mooney found a way to snatch defeat from one of the rare victories Republicans could claim this election cycle. 

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