Democrats pick gun & drug thug for vacant delegate seat; GOP silent

Need I say more?

Apparently so.  The Prince George’s Democratic Central Committee has nominated Greg Hall to fill the vacant delegate seat in district 24.

Hall, an associate of Democratic ex-con, ex-senator Tommie Broadwater, has a record of drug and gun offenses.  Hall was also originally charged with first degree murder as a participant in a street gun battle that killed an innocent 13 year old on his way home from church.  The murder charge was dropped when it was determined that the fatal bullet was fired by the other side of the gunfight.

Today the Prince George’s Young Democrats are urging people to call the governor’s office on Monday and demand finalization of Hall’s appointment.

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I have been searching, without success, to see if state or county Republican officials have made any public statement in opposition to Hall’s appointment.

Apparently not.

Are our state and county Republicans officials comfortable with this appointment?  Do they favor replacing petty thief Alston with violent gun and drug thug Hall?

The party ran no Republican candidates for any of the district 24 delegate or senate seats in the last election.  Republican officials been silent regarding Hall’s appointment, as they were about Tiffany Alston’s conviction and removal from office.

Seems to me that the state and local Republican parties have once again ignored an opportunity to castigate Democratic corruption, offer an alternative, and call for honesty and integrity in state government.

So, why do we even bother pretending that there is a functioning Republican establishment in Maryland?

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