Alex Mooney Must Resign

Alex Mooney must resign.
When former state senator Alex Mooney won the race for MGOP chair two years ago, we warned that his biggest drawback wasn’t his ability to raise money or, organize, rather it was that he saw the position of MDGOP chair as a place holder position until he could seek another elected office.
Indeed, Mooney was an excellent fundraiser, just not for the party.  While MDGOP was mired in $120,000 debt, he was busy raising $108,00 for a 2012 congressional campaign to replace Roscoe Bartlett.  In the end, Mooney decided not to run. However, he filed a paperwork indicating he was keeping that money to run in 2014, and then he promptly took a job in Bartlett’s office.
Much hay was made of Mooney violating House ethics rules barring a congressional staffer from working for their boss while running to succeed them.  However, that distracts from the real issue: that Mooney was focused more on running for Congress than his duties as MDGOP Chair. 
In an unprecedented petition campaign, conservative activists, through, placed three measures on the ballot challenging Democratic overreach on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, gay marriage, and gerrymandering Maryland’s congressional redistricting map.  While the Democratic machine organized and raised funds to defend their policies, there was no coordinated effort by MDGOP to ensure those laws were defeated at referendum.  The defeat on questions 4 through 6, and to some extent question 7, lies squarely on Alex Mooney.  Instead of organizing and raising money to win those races, Mooney was busy helping Roscoe Bartlett get shellacked by 20 points. 
We anticipate this call will set off the “circular firing squad” bells. As conservatives we hoped Senator Mooney’s leadership would be principled and competent, a departure from previous chairmen.  We still need that kind of chairman and know that those who want to take us in a more moderate direction see an opportunity here but the truth has to be spoken. Chairman Mooney has done a poor job, a job that simply isn’t his first political priority.  We cannot avoid saying the Emperor has no clothes because he is a conservative Emperor. 
If Alex Mooney wants to run for Congress, he’s free to concentrate his efforts in that endeavor.  However, he needs to resign as MDGOP Chair so another, more dedicated activist, can lead the effort to rebuild the party so that Marylanders can have a real alternative to the Democratic oligarchy.
We have no confidence in Alex Mooney’s leadership.  He must go. Now.
James Braswell, Contributor, Host Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Radio,
Brian Griffiths, Editor, Host Red Maryland Radio
Gregory M. Kline, Editor, Host Red Maryland Radio
Mark Newgent, Editor, Host The Broadside

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