Your friendly reminder about the Mobbies

It’s that time of year when the Baltimore Sun trots out their annual Mobbie awards. The awards are, of course, ostensibly to “recognize” Maryland’s best bloggers when in actuality it is a cleverly designed marketing tactic in order to shamelessly use free labor to drive up pageviews at, especially with the institution of their paywall. And invariably, local bloggers will trip all over themselves to try to drive up their vote totals in some strange vanity exercise.

Red Maryland was nominated for best news blog. And my Twitter feed was nominated for best personal Twitter feed.

However, we’re not going to encourage you to vote. If you want to participate, feel free. But we’re not going to encourage folks to drive up the Sun’s pageviews at our expense. It’s an honor to be nominated by our readers yes, but we don’t need an award to let us know what we’re doing is valuable and important.

So once again thanks. But no thanks.

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