“Lifelong” Republican Alert

Hat tip to our friend Matthew Newman 

Looks like Democrats have found another one of those “lifelong Republicans” to cut an ad in support another one of their causes. And by “lifelong Republican” they mean Democratic activists and contributors.
In this case, it is John Hawks of Monkton, who cut an ad in support of the Maryland Dream Act.
Federal Election records show Hawks has given $4,800 to federal candidates, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Liberman, and the DNC.  Maryland’s state campaign finance database shows he’s also donated to Governor Martin O’Malley.  Hawks has donated a total of $950 to three Republicans: Larry Smith who lost the 2012 Republican congressional primary to Nancy Jacobs, Baltimore County Coucilman Todd Huff, and Delegate Wade Kach.

In the ad, Hawks claims that if illegal immigrant child or parents  “pays taxes in Maryland” they would be eligible for in-state tuition.  This is deceptive. The law states that they only need “file a Maryland tax return.” This is not the same as paying taxes.

The Dream Act campaign is being run by former Maryland Democratic Party Executive Director Travis Tazelaar, who has a history of truthiness issues.

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