Legislators Reminded Not To Use State Resources for Campaigning, What About O’Malley?

As reported by Bryan Sears of Patch.com Maryland legislators were warned not to use state resources to campaign for or against ballot questions appearing on the ballot in next month’s elections.

Dea Daly, ethics adviser to the Maryland General Assembly, told lawmakers in an email that they may not use official letterhead or send email from their state accounts that calls for ” The success or defeat of a ballot question, except in responding to an inquiry regarding the ballot questions.”

The email to lawmakers comes a week after The Quinton Report raised questions about an email sent by Del. Eric Bromwell.

Bromwell, a Perry Hall Democrat, emailed constituents an 800-word letter explaining his vote on expanded gambling during the special session in August. At the end of the email, Bromwell asked voters to join him in voting for Question 7.
The same message appears on Bromwell’s blog on Patch.

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In an interview with Patch last week, Bromwell said he would take the issue to legislative ethics officials for advice. The three-term legislator said he had not intended to violate rules governing the use of the state email account.

“I can see how someone would take it like that,” said Bromwell. “If I’ve done something wrong, I’ll apologize.”

But what about Governor Martin O’Malley, who used state resources to communicate with county Democratic central committees to advocate for Democratic congressional candidates, for the DREAM Act, gay marriage, his congressional redistricting map, and gambling expansion?

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