Divining Democratic Reaction to President Barack Obama in 2012’s Presidential Debate #2

–Richard E. Vatz

     Political and rhetorical buffs, I have seen the future – I cannot tell how this has happened, but I wish to share it with you: the Democratic reactions to tonight’s Presidential Debate #2 at Hofstra University.
     Most of the following will come from MSNBC, but some of it will come from more mainstream sources — I cannot quite discern the particular personal sources, but like others who can foretell events, I get a feeling; I sense a happening.  Here are the reactions that are destined to come this evening from Democrats and sub rosa Democrats:
     “Wow!  Now that’s the President Obama that we know and love.  I wish he had shown up at the first debate, but maybe Vice President Biden’s performance affected him.”
     “All of those who thought the President Obama was too passive in the first presidential debate can now relax – he gave it to Romney, and the Governor didn’t know what hit him!”
     “I think President Obama is going to turn the tide back to what it was before that first presidential debate; his energy, his passion, his strong hand that will lead him to win a second term was quite evident tonight and not a moment too soon.”
     “I don’t think Gov. Romney ever imagined that the president would be as dominant as he was tonight.  I cannot wait to see his polling surge from this.”
     Political buffs, I know if I had said after the debate that I knew this would happen, you would have doubted my prescience.
     Enjoy the debate….see if at some point someone asks the president, “President Obama,  if your economic policies and foreign policies are so excellently conceived, why do we have to wait another four years to see evidence of their working?”


Prof. Vatz teaches political rhetoric at Towson University and usually doesn’t believe in soothsaying.

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