Del Eric Bromwell Used State Resources to Campaign for Expanded Gambling

Jeff Quinton has the story on Delegate Eric Bromwell using state resources to campaign for Question 7–expanded gambling.

Del. Eric Bromwell sent an email from his state email address ( yesterday that deal with Question 7 that is on the November ballot. Header information for the message confirmed it was sent through servers belonging to the State of Maryland. The message would have been pretty innocuous and tame as an explanation for why the Delegate voted to put Question 7 on the ballot (and why he is going to vote for it) but then, at the end, it has the sentence, “I hope you will join me in voting to keep Maryland money and Maryland jobs in Maryland!”

Jeff has the entire email (sent to constituents in his district).  Read the whole thing. 

Wonder what Pappa Bromwell–cooling his heels in a federal prison–thinks of his son?

For more on Tommy Bromwell an his role in Maryland Democratic corruption see our video below.

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