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Missing from O’Malley’s Speech: His Record

O’Malley’s recycled speech to the Democratic Convention last night bombed.  In it, you’ll find no mention of his record as governor–here’s why:
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data MD has lost 7,000 jobs since January 2012.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data MD lost 36,200 jobs Since O’Malley took office.
According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data MD unemployment up from 3.6% to 7% since O’Malley took office.
According to non-partisan MD Dept. of Legislative Services, O’Malley raised taxes over $3.6 billion in his first term alone—not counting recent tax hikes on working families
Governor O’Malley’s budgets have grown by 23% since he first took office.  2007-$28.8 billion, 2013-$35.5 billion
Governor O’Malley fairs poorly among his fellow Democratic governors on business climate, tax climate and corruption.
Maryland FY 2011-2013 general spending increased 15%–highest in the region
As a percentage of state GDP, Maryland’s unfunded pension liability combined with other debt is 9.6% much higher than neighboring states.
Maryland’s pension system is only 64% funded.
Maryland schools ranked #1 by EdWeek but same report ranks Maryland dead last in Poverty Gap for 8thgrade math, 22nd for high school graduation.
MD Higher Education Commission found that 61% of MD high school graduates in MD community colleges, who took college-prep track, needed remedial math and English instruction.  Fifteen percent attending four-year colleges needed remedial math and English instruction.  Cost to taxpayers: $90 million.
As Mayor of Baltimore, Governor O’Malley instituted zero tolerance policy of mass arrests with out probable cause.

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