Judicial Watch asks for State Ethics Investigation of O’Malley

Earlier this week conservative government watchdog Judicial Watch sent a letter to the Maryland State Ethics Commission requesting an investigation of Governor O’Malley for violating a state law prohibiting the intentional “use the prestige of office or public position” for “private gain”.  Judicial Watch  claims “‘Private gain’ obviously includes personal political objectives, such as seeing a favored candidate win or achieving a desired election result on a ballot question.”

Judicial Watch submitted as evidence a letter dated September 18, 2012, O’Malley sent to members of the Democratic State Central Committee urging them to vote for and rally support for Democratic congressional candidates and yes votes on the Maryland Dream Act, gay marriage, redistricting, and expanded gambling.  It appears that O’Malley was addressing the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee.  O’Malley sent the letter on official state letterhead.  

Judicial Watch also enclosed a January memorandum from the State Ethics Commission reminding state employees the prohibition on using state time or resources for political purposes. 

This is the second time in the last few months O’Malley has used state resources for political purposes. In July, O’Malley used his state funded blog for sloppily made political attacks against Change Maryland.

Full copy of Judicial Watch’s letter below

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