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The Broadside Tonight, 7pm

Here’s what’s coming up on The Broadside tonight at 7pm:

Vice President of FreedomWorks, and CATO policy analyst, David Kirby, talks about his research into the libertarian roots of the Tea Party.  
Movie remake redux. Damn the torpedoes and bandwidth we’re going to try once again to bring you our movie remake segment.  Mark and Andrew will talk about movies ripe for a remake and those Hollywood should leave alone.  Also, Mark and Andrew will cast their remakes.
Sarah Palin endorsed U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Bongino, we’ll talk about what that means for Dan and the campaign. 
Governor O’Malley squared off against his Virginia counterpart Bob McDonnell on Meet the Press yesterday–straw men were scorched. 
 Listen live on the Red Maryland Network or watch on the Red Maryland Network Ustream channel

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