Real People are Leaving Maryland

We have written a lot recently about the statistics that show how Marylanders and particularly small business owners are leaving this state.  What follows is an actual account from one such soon to be former Marylander. As you can read, Mr. Morris, a reader and friend of Red Maryland, has had it with the dysfunctional politics and policy of this state.

Dear Citizens of Maryland:

Two years ago, on election night 2010, I was in Las Vegas on business and I was following the MD races via the internet media and state election board websites. As soon as it became clear that Gov. Ehrlich and the assembly Republicans were relegated to second class citizens, I proclaimed “I am done!”

This was out of recognition that without Gov. Ehrlich’s oversight in the redistricting process, the Democrat party in MD has carte blanche to ensure that Republicans in the Assembly will not rise above the threshold of “filibuster-proof” to stop the liberal/progressive agenda. There will be no changes to the direction of higher taxes and increasing budgets until the reality of tax rate saturation permeates the voter base.

I am an avid fan of the gaming industry. My opposition to the changes to the gaming laws centers on the process, and for that reason I will never put a penny in the MD gambling centers. The legislature abdicated its responsibility years ago by not taking a vote for or against the measures; and because the voters will ratify any changes to the gambling system, they get away with a gross injustice on their constituents.

The Assembly leadership will whip their members into votes to continue patronage and restrict opposition. All other ills in MD boil down to the inability of the minority party to prevent disastrous policy implementation. I would have loved to participate in a conservative renewal in MD, but it is crystal clear that the Republican party has no will to confront and defeat progressive leaders in this state in numbers enough to stop the oppressive (not progressive) Democratic leadership. This makes the citizens of MD slaves to the whim and will of corrupt leaders.

Primarily for family reasons, but also in part due to the one-party domination of MD, I am now in the process of moving to LV to provide a better life for my wife and newborn daughter. I am taking my small business to Nevada, where hopefully I have a chance at financial success (not in the casinos!). I will participate in elections where the outcome is not certain, and I hope to cast a vote in the presidential election where the delegates in my state are not guaranteed to one party, and the candidates have to actually campaign in the state. Viva Las Vegas, goodbye Maryland.

Jeff Morris,
Democrat & Former Congressional Candidate – MD-2

Sadly, there are very similar stories for each of the thousands of productive Marylanders who no longer see a future in our state.

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