O’Malley Should Put DGA Money Where his Mouth Is

Governor O’Malley wants to ban political contributions from gambling interests as part of his plan to expand gambling in Maryland, in order to limit the gambling industry’s influence.

Seeing as the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Montana’s century old ban on corporate political contributions, it is highly unlikely O’Malley’s ban would pass constitutional muster, should the legislature approve it. 
However, O’Malley’s solution is fixing the barn door after the horses got out.  Last month the state’s gambling commission awarded Caesars Entertainment the license to build a casino in Baltimore. Of course, Caesars donated a cool $100,000 to the O’Malley led Democratic Governor’s Association in March.  But O’Malley assures us that had nothing to do with Caesars winning the license. 
Right, just as DGA contributions from companies vying for state contracts before the O’Malley-led Board of Public Works are totally coincidental.  
Still, O’Malley can prove his sincerity by ordering the DGA to return the donation from Caesars.

Make that $150,000 O’Malley should return.

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