Hack thy name is Schaller

Once again UMBC Professor Tom Schaller has proven that he is not worthy of being part of the educational establishment. Schaller took to the Baltimore Sun this morning to try to link the entire Republican Party to the whackadoodle ideas of Congressman Todd Akin in the wake of his insane comments in the Missouri Senate race this year.

Of course, I don’t exactly see Schaller lining up to point out the sheer insanity of the Democratic Party these days.
Does Schaller believe that Hank Johnson’s views on Guam are representative of the entire Democratic Party?
Does Schaller believe that Joe Biden’s insensitive comments on Indian-Americans are representative of the entire Democratic Party?
Does Schaller believe that Joe Biden’s insensitive comments about Barack Obama are represenative of the Democratic Party’s views on race?
Does Schaller believe that Joe Biden’s insensitive comments (there’s a theme here) about chains are representative of the Democratic Party’s views on race?
Does Schaller think that Charlie Rangel cussing out a reporter is representative of the Democratic Party’s views on ethics?
Does Schaller believe that Obama supporter Montel Williams, who urged Michelle Bachmann to commit suicide, is representative of the Democatic Party’s views on life?
Does Schaller believe that these union thugs who threatened and harrassed a 14-year old child are representative of the Democratic base?
Does Schaller believe that Martin O’Malley’s challenging radio hosts to a fist-fight is indicative of the Democratic Party views on conflict resolution?
Does Schaller believe that the past of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, convicted terrorists supporting the President, are representative of the President’s supporters?
I’m gonna guess that Schaller does not.
Of course that’s the problem. Tom Schaller has a Ph.D and ostensibly knows that Todd Akin does not speak for the Republican Party on what is and what is not the definition of rape. So the fact that Schaller attempts to link one idiot’s comments in as part of a “trend” proving a “GOP wacko iceberg” is intellectual dishonest at best. And we know that Schaller has a disturbing pattern of intellectual dishonesty with a problem with accuracy and facts.
The fact of the matter is this: Todd Akin is an idiot. His views are no more representative of the Republican Party than the yahoos above are representative of the Democratic Party but for one exception. You will notice that the Republican Party, the activists and the elected officials alike, rose up and scolded and criticized Todd Akin for what he said. What do Democrats do? Fall in line and re-elect these liberals and support them without question and without fail…
Tom Schaller is a hack, and he is again using his Baltimore Sun column to attempt to score irrelevant political points. I feel bad for us as taxpayers that UMBC is paying for political hackery on the taxpayer dime…. 

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