A Disturbed and Desperate Lot

How despicable and desperate have the Maryland Democrats become? Enough to wildly throw accusations out into the wild without one shred of evidence to back them up:

Why is @roscoe_bartlett silent on Todd Akin? Oh, because he wants to redefine rape too #mdpolitics #md06
— MD Democratic Party (@mddems) August 20, 2012

So did Harris & Bartlett RT @barackobama: FACT: Paul Ryan cosponsored a bill that could ban all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.
— MD Democratic Party (@mddems) August 20, 2012

How extreme on women’s rights is Bartlett? He wants to ban abortion in case of rape or incest & redefine what rape is #md06 #RapeIsRape
— MD Democratic Party (@mddems) August 20, 2012

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What did Mitt do when Paul Ryan, Todd Akin & Roscoe Bartlett tried to redefine rape? Nothing #mdpolitics #md06 #RapeIsRape
— MD Democratic Party (@mddems) August 21, 2012

This is desperation. The Maryland Democrats throw wild, baseless, unproven allegations specifically at Roscoe Bartlett. They will attempt to tie Roscoe Barlett to Todd Akin because they feel a feeding frenzy in the water at Akin’s boneheaded statement. Never mind the fact that Democrats seem to want to gloss over their pro-abortion tendencies…
The Maryland Democratic Party is a disturbed and desperate lot. They are so low on facts that they have and will continue to resort to the lowest forms of slander and rhetoric. Maryland deserves better than this…

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