The Rumblings of Blaine Young for Governor

I am so excited about the unofficial candidacy of Blaine Young for Governor.

Blaine Young is currently the County Commission President for Frederick County and a former alderman for the city of Frederick.  He also has a radio show where he’s cutely referred to as the “youngest good ole boy”.

When you start typing Blaine Young into google, and the auto-sugguestions pop up, “Blaine Young Black Book” is one of the sugguestions.  Hmmm, he keps a little black book?  No, the prostitute he admitted to hiring had the little black book and she kept his name in it.  Now Commissioner Young claims he only hired her for dancing, not for sex…. phew, that makes me feel better.  Perhaps Blaine Young could get Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold to be his running mate.  The dynamics of a Blaine/Leopold ticket will have the combined ability to make Prostitutes and Police Officer’s cringe.

But apparently Blaine still has his supporters despite a checkered past that made him drop out of politics for a few years.  I know that both Commissioner Young and Attorney General Doug Gansler are hoping Republicans can look past the indescrections of Blaine’s youth and vote for him in the Republican Primary.

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