The Maryland Democratic Party is Shameless and Insane

The Maryland Democratic Party is showing once and for all that it is shameless and has absolutely no common decency and no sanity remaining. 

Sure, the Democrats threw up road blocks to the Maryland Dream Act Petition by taking the issue to court in an effort to get the matter thrown off of the ballot. Sure, Democratic Delegate Eric Luedtke introduced legislation in the General Assembly to severely restrict our ability to petition pieces of legislation to the ballot. Now, Democrats have filed a laughable complaint with the Maryland State Board of Elections claiming….that they are “committed to ensuring confidence in the petition process.”

The Maryland Constitution and Election Law lay out clear standards for reviewing and validating petition signatures. The State Board of Elections failed to fairly apply these standards and inappropriately approved thousands of signatures that violated the definitive requirements set forth in law and regulation. By doing so, the State Board caused irreparable harm to the millions of voters who chose not to sign the petition. The Maryland Democratic Party is committed to ensuring confidence in and protecting the integrity of the petition process, and has taken appropriate steps to do so today. 

So in the warped logic of the Maryland Democratic Party:

  • The Maryland State Board of Elections is incompetent;
  • The implementation of the Constitutional right of petition caused irreparable harm to voters who don’t sign the petition, never mind that the voters still have a chance to vote on said petitions;
  • They only care about taking appropriate steps to ensure the confidence and integrity of electoral processes when it suits them

The Maryland Congressional Districting Plan, which was supported by an overwhelming majority of the General Assembly and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, reflects Maryland’s diversity and largely Democratic population growth over the last decade. The Maryland GOP’s partisan effort to overturn this plan is simply a desperate ploy by a declining party who has abandoned all hopes of winning elections and has turned instead to constantly churning out questionable petition signatures. 

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Let’s face a few facts here:

  • The Congressional redistricting plan was passed strictly on a party line vote, mainly because Governor O’Malley had the ability to threaten legislators with changes in their legislative districts if they didn’t acquiesce;
  • The Democratic Party seems to totally forget that the Fannie Lou Hamer PAC joined the Maryland Republican Party is suing the State of Maryland over these districts based on racial reasons;
  • If the Maryland GOP’s effort is so partisan and so hopeless why the hell are the Democrats fighting so hard to suppress Republican participation and ability to use the petition process?

Maryland voters will undoubtedly see this effort as a transparent attempt by Republicans to subvert legislative procedure and impose a radical tea party agenda. We are confident of victory, up and down the ballot, in November.

This is my favorite part. Democrats control the Governor’s Mansion and both house of the General Assembly through 2014. How does the idea that Marylanders stepping in front of a leftist train shouting “NO!” implement any sort of agenda, much less the amorphous “tea party” agenda that is nowhere near implementation in a state in as much financial dire straits as Maryland?

As I said back in March:

Finally, the people of Maryland have a tool where they can fight back against the runaway government. A tool to fight back against mindless statism. A tool to fight back against elected officials that ignore their voices. And a tool to fight back against laws that strike a blow against common sense in reason. And we showed last year that this tool works. While the DREAM Act hasn’t been voted upon yet, the fact that it got on the ballot as quickly as it good was a shot across the bow of the modern Maryland Democratic Party unlike nothing which we have seen in a long time. Now, thanks to Delegate Neil Parrott, the people of Maryland have the resources to fight back against a government that has lost the ability to reason.

And the Democrats full on assault on the petitioning process is their response to not only he petition process, but the current political environment. If you look carefully at what’s going on around us, it seems like the Maryland Democratic Party is in full retreat around the state of Maryland. They can’t stop us from petitioning things to ballot. They can’t stop us from overturning their unconstitutional gun laws in court. They can’t stop themselves from infighting over the issue of gambling. They certainly can’t stop Martin O’Malley’s Presidential  campaign from crashing before liftoff. Fighting back against the citizens and their right to to petition is one of the few tricks.

Maryland Democrats are proving themselves to be a paranoid, power-hungry band of lefitsts bent on controlling the people of Maryland and legislating how we can participate in the political process. Maryland Democrats know that their failed ideology, their inability to efficiently perform the functions of state, and the ethically challenged elected officials they produce are creating a party that is virtually indefensible to middle-of-the-road voters. This Party is showing itself to be shameless in its desire to try and suppress the ability of the people of this state to petition this legislation to ballot. And the party is proving itself to be insane in thinking that the people of this state are buying the rhetoric that they are defending integrity and honesty in the process. 

I keep saying it because it’s true. But take heart folks. We’re winning…

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