Red Maryland Radio Tonight

We have another jam-packed edition of Red Maryland Radio tonight.  

We discuss how our friends at Change Maryland have exposed the failures of Governor O’Malley’s tax policies.  O’Gov, never letting the truth get in the way of his ambition, has fired back with a misleading and petulant response which has caused this story to go national.
Our Red Maryland colleague Mark Newgent joins us to discuss “rate stabilization”.  Mark has been covering this issue for years and tonight he explains why it may cause those who lost power to pay for the power they didn’t get. Or will they?
Mark will also discuss the 5th Anniversary of Red Maryland and share some details about our 5th Anniversary celebration, where we hope you will join us.
Later, another of our Red Maryland Network stars, Jimmy Braswell, joins us to discuss the resignation of Anne Arundel County Police Chief James Teare and the pending trial of County Executive John Leopold.  Will local Republican leaders regret not calling for Leopold’s resignation and how can this pending trial be anything other than a distraction?
Jimmy and I will also preview tomorrow’s Red Maryland Happy Hour.
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