June Smith

Team Reason members are missing Ron, his rants and reasoning especially now that the Supreme Court has issued its riddle of a ruling on Obamacare.
But the Smithian school of thought is still in session and many of them have “Something to Say” about what’s going on and the dilemma we’re in.
Here are some of their comments from the Team Reason Facebook page in response to my comment “Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare 5-4. Here we go…:
John W: “Sad day. One nation under Gog…”
Louie K: “Did anybody else read Chief Justice Roberts and “hear” you asked for these guys you got what you asked for….? Next they will tell us we all need to buy a professionally written and filed last will and testament so the attorneys can have a committed revenue stream; coming to a Congress near you soon….
Here’s Louie’s response to my comment “We ain’t seen nothing yet… At the rate the Government is going, sarcasm is all we’ll have left”:  “June, if they tax sarcasm, I’m busted.”
James W. H: “Would love to hear Ron’s rants and insights on this one. Lots of angles to consider. One may be that a bill to repeal Obamacare can originate in the House as it is a “tax.” Harry Reid would not have allowed it in the Senate. Not sure what Roberts was thinking…but I sense he’s playing chess….the rest of us are playing checkers.”
Gretchen M: “Not only Ron’s “rants”, which were not really “rants” per se but actually really reasoned commentaries with passion and honesty, but also his Friday afternoon “3 Slaps” and “Someone Had to Say It” segments. I really miss those : (.
James H: “Thursday was one of those days where Ron’s absence was truly felt. I would have loved to have been able to tune in and hear Ron’s take on that day.
Bobbie B. N.: Got in my car after work. Turned on WBAL radio to hear what Ron would say about today’s Supreme Court ruling. Then realized he wasn’t there. Wonder what he thinks up there in heaven? Miss that man.
Tony M: “I am pretty confident that it would have been a non-stop scream…no commercial breaks.
I wish he were here for all of us, telling the truth and separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

Most of all, I wish he were here to response to these comments. Ron loved his listeners and often said he had the smartest audience in all of talk radio.
How right he was. After all, he was “The Voice of Reason”.
Let’s continue remembering Ron and keep the discussion going. He would have expected no less.  
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June Smith is the widow WBAL talk show host and Sun columnist, Ron Smith, who posthumously received an Emmy® for his lifetime achievement in television and radio at WBAL in Baltimore, MD. Smith was a media titan in the central Maryland area and beyond for almost forty years. Mrs. Smith’s tribute website honoring his legacy is  She is working diligently to raise one million dollars for the Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Johns Hopkins and is an advocate for H.R. 733, the Pancreatic Cancer Research Education Act. Her email is

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