O’Malley Makes Progress in Finding New Excuses

In times of adversity, the people of our State do not make excuses, we make progress.
Martin O’Malley May 19, 2012.
So what did Governor O’Malley have to say when asked about his failure to hold PEPCO and BG&E accountable for lengthy power outages to hundreds of thousands of customers due to derecho storm last month? He blamed global warming.

“A grid that was resilient for the weather of [the past] is not resilient enough to withstand violent storms that climate change and global warming in our atmosphere are causing today….because of our reliance on the exponential increase in fossil fuels, we have the added variable of much more violent weather than what our parents and grandparents faced.”

Sorry Governor, we’ve known about derechos for centuries, so our parents and grandparents, heck even out great grandparents have dealt with them.
There are two issues at play in his response.  The first is, is that this classic Martin O’Malley shifting the focus away from his own record of failure on utility issues.  We may not make excuses, but O’Malley sure does. 
Second, that he chose the issue of global warming shows that he has 2016 on the brain.  As the Washington Examiner story by Brian Hughes notes O’Malley a “possible Democratic presidential contender — has built much of his political brand on green energy efforts and tighter environmental standards in the liberal-leaning state.”  
O’Malley’s green political brand may play well in a Democratic primary, but the real world results of those policies belie the talking points. 
For example, one of aspect of O’Malley’s EmPower Maryland policy, decoupling, allows  PEPCO to charge customers for power they never used.  In fact, federal energy efficiency grants as part of the 2009 stimulus required states that accepted the money allow utilities to recoup lost revenue from consumers who use less energy.  Maryland accepted over $165 million in energy efficiency grants.

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