Dan Rodricks and his war on women

Yesterday I noted that Dan Rodricks is on the wrong side of history, morality, and the Constitution when it comes to his views on guns. The fact that the print version of his column ran on the same day that it was announced a Federal Court was removing restrictions on Maryland’s Concealed Carry laws (essentially making us a “shall issue state”) is humorous enough.

However, today conservative women fought back against small-minded liberals like Rodricks via the #WhyWomenPack hashtag on Twitter. Women used this tag to discuss why they carried concealed weapons. And in many instances, women were using these weapons in an active manner to defend themselves and their families.
I would like to make a particular note about Kristina Ribali, Director of New Media at FreedomWorks, who put her story together:
I guess the question that we need to ask Dan Rodricks is why does he believe women do not have a right to defend themselves? Why does Dan Rodricks believe that harm should be done to these women if they had been unarmed? And why does Dan Rodricks support the war on women?

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