Obama’s dictatorial ideology helps prove Gov. O’Malley’s presidential worthiness

While most Marylanders find it ludicrous that anyone – with the possible exception of his family and his posse of bootlickers – would consider Gov. Martin O’Malley as presidential material, the uncanny similarities between our lame duck governor and just plain lame president grow more noticeable with each of their seemingly never-ending progressive policies and blatant disregard of Constitutional law.
Take last Friday, for instance, when President Obama decided (yet again) to usurp Congressional authority and wade into dictatorial waters via the granting of new “rights” to illegal immigrants – specifically the children of those illegals who, according to the Democrat-issued talking points, are here through no fault of their own.
Ignoring this country’s immigration laws is the first of many likenesses among these two interchangeable Democrats. Lest we forget it was Gov. O’Malley who coined the term “New Americans” to describe those that have broken the law and chosen to squat – free of repercussions – throughout the state of Maryland.
Like so many other Obama and O’Malley ploys, pandering to the Hispanic community isn’t about helping Hispanics, it’s about helping themselves – to the Latino vote.
Never mind that – according to ImmigrationCounters.com – there are currently more than 24 million illegals in the U.S.
Forget that the cost of providing social services to these illegals has reached nearly $400 billion since 1996. Ignore the nearly 6 million children of illegals currently in American public schools as well as the $170 billion it has cost taxpayers for their K-12 education.
And while we’re overlooking facts regarding the burden illegals place on the American economy, let’s disregard the nearly half million illegals currently incarcerated (costing $25 billion since 2008); the estimated 800,000 fugitive illegals lurking in the shadows; and the almost 5,000,000 anchor babies born in this country since 2002.
Well, at least adding the nearly one million children of illegals to the work force can help both Obama and O’Malley claim they’ve finally created a successful jobs plan.
But aiding and abetting criminals and criminal-assisting organizations (mi casa es su casa, anyone?) is but one area in which these two charlatans draw comparisons.
Make no mistake: Marty’s best-in-show brownnosing would be on full display if Joe Biden or Daffy Duck or any other Daffy Democrat held the presidency. That’s the rule for both sides of this country’s two-party dictatorship – support your guy no matter how corrupt, feeble and useless he/she may be.
But this governor was a late-arriving suck-up; joining the Obama multitudes only after his first choice – Hillary Clinton – was tossed aside quicker than a middle-aged Hollywood starlet with cankles.
But once O’Malley’s loyalty to Hillary dissipated faster than his loyalty to Maryland voters, this governor hitched himself to the Hope and Change wagon and began blowing so much smoke up the Big Guy’s bum you’d have thought they’d just elected a new pope.  
Obama has an incompetent Attorney General who likes to play fast and furious with all manner of the law while Gov. O’Malley has an Attorney General who ignores Maryland’s marriage laws in an opinion recognizing out of state gay nuptials.
Both men share a vampire-like appetite for spending – most often to expand entitlement programs that will keep a majority of the populace dependent on government, and both men sidestep the will of the people when it comes to such disparate issues as tax increases, crony-rewarding energy boondoggles and broken promises, lies and obfuscations about reining in a bloated, overreaching bureaucracy.
President Obama has spent his entire first term blaming his predecessor for everything short of fathering Snooki’s child, while O’Malley continues to blame both George W. Bush and Bob Ehrlich for the fall of the Roman Empire, the extinction of the unicorn and Maryland’s current financial woes.
Granted, as a Kool-Aid drinking ideologue – and as the head of the Democratic Governor’s Association –  it is Gov. O’Malley’s sworn duty to be the official kiss-ass of anyone who is perched on a higher rung of power than he, if, of course, said pol sports a parenthetical “D” next to their name.
Obviously this rule doesn’t apply to Republicans; and that observation is made based on the Maryland governor once comparing President Bush to Osama bin Laden.
Both president and wannabe president have “evolved” on the gay marriage issue, going from civil unions to same sex champions quicker than you can say ‘distraction from real issues.’
Obama and O’Malley are both ethically challenged, the former due to force-feeding us a healthcare plan that really isn’t about health care – as well as having his Department of Health and Human Services require religious institutions to provide (either directly or through private insurance) contraceptives and abortion pills.
O’Malley’s lack of moral fortitude is forever on display, but never more so than when at least a dozen companies with interest in doing business in Maryland contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the O’Malley-led Democratic Governor’s Association.
The governor’s principals – or rather lack thereof – have also been called into question as he pushed for Maryland taxpayers to “invest” in green energy – most notably Maryland Solar, a company headed by Michael Enright, an O’Malley friend and his former chief of staff.
And let’s not forget about O’Malley’s skirting of state law earlier this year when he sent a fundraising letter soliciting money for the Marylanders for Marriage Equality organization. Maryland election law forbids a governor from raising money during a legislative session, and yet O’Malley’s solicitation was sent two weeks into this year’s General Assembly jamboree.
Yeah, nothing to see here, folks… now just run along and keep mindlessly repeating “Bush recession, Bush recession…”
On a national level not a single entity – not a majority of voters, the Congress critters or the complicit media – acknowledges President Obama’s disregard for the Constitution or his liberty-threatening power grabs.
On the state level, O’Malley benefits from a Democrat majority that files sheep-like into the voting booth, enjoys a Democrat-controlled legislature that asks ‘how high’ when this governor says jump and also reaps the rewards of a complicit media that refuses to investigate blatantly questionable behaviors.
A couple of peas in the proverbial pod, these two – or if you prefer: Que se parecen como dos gotas de agua.
In Obama’s America 1 in 7 citizens are receiving food stamps, and in O’Malley’s Maryland food stamp fraud is the 2nd worst in the nation.
Obama rarely attends church (unless it is politically expedient), and O’Malley continues to ignore his church’s Roman Catholic doctrine (via support for gay marriage and abortion) because it is politically expedient.
Obama enjoys television appearances with Leno, Letterman, Fallon and the ‘ladies’ of The View, while O’Malley prefers rubbing the elbows of media types such as Gregory, Schieffer, and Maddow.
When one’s suit is as empty as one’s idea cache a pre-packaged TV image is the most important of all the phony attributes.
Yes, the argument can be made that O’Malley’s type of cookie-cutter behavior is often exhibited by every Democrat in the class, but not every Democrat wants to be prom queen as badly as Maryland’s governor.
And in the most striking similarity of them all, both men are worthy of the Tierra of Incompetence given they are two of the worst elected officials in the recent history of the Republic.
So before you sneer at Martin O’Malley’s qualifications for the highest office in the land, take a look at the performance, credentials and credibility of our current Amateur-in-Chief.
The prospect of an O’Malley presidency doesn’t seem so far-fetched when looked at under the prism of progressive politics or through the starry-eyed connivance of the mainstream media.
Remember George Carlin’s prophetic warning: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

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