June Smith

▪ Obama made a campaign stop in Afghanistan this week.

▪ Chen Guangcheng is caught between a wok and a hard place and claims he’s been abandoned by the U.S. following his escape from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

Romney said Obama & Company “failed” to protect the blind Chinese dissident. The White House said the president isn’t concerned about the politics of the case.

Make your choice from this messy menu: select one of the stories being told from column A, or one from column B, or just get the hot and sour soup that’s being fed to Chen.

▪ Wanna get away from it all? Then forget Bethany Beach, Delaware, this summer. The Town Manager has announced that they hope to offer free Wi-Fi on the beach, the boardwalk and the Bandstand by Memorial Day. Gone are the days of salt water taffy and French fries and “one of the best secret beaches on earth”, according to Travel & Leisure magazine.

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▪ Speaking of the beach, a “miracle” has happened, according to Al Jardine: the Beach Boys are back.They kicked off their 50thanniversary 40-city tour in Arizona last week and are working on their good vibrations for a new album.

“All the egos are aside,” said Jardine. “It’s just all about those group harmonies. The effect that it has on ourselves [Opps. He hit a bad reflexive pronoun note there…] and other people is just fantastic.”

Gas up your Woodies, at nearly $4 a gallon, and head for the concert, Surfer Dudes!

▪ Yahoo is doubling its summer Olympic presence, determined to claim their claim to be the number one global destination for four years on a row, despite not paying a Farthing, darling, for the exclusive rights to do so. They are going for the gold in video coverage.

▪ Pepsi isn’t satisfied with their bronze medal in the cola wars so they are partnering with Twitter to stream live music concerts to their followers as part of their new $600 million global ad campaign.

Pepsi lost the silver medal in 2010 when that spot was claimed by Diet Coke. The Coca-Cola Company did not make a public comment. They didn’t have to.

▪.God only knows why we lost Junior Seau. Rest in peace, super star.

▪ Brigham Young University is celebrating the “confidential” settlement of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Pfizer Inc. over the development of Celebrex. I wonder how many of the painkillers were swallowed by the Defendants after the deal was reached.

▪ By the way, the national average per-hour fee for lawyers is $295, unless they are defending Pfizer.

▪ One hundred U.S. Secret Service agents attended a two-day ethics training session at Johns Hopkins University this week resulting from the Columbia scandal fallout. I wonder if they put their right hand on the latest issue of Playboy magazine and swore not to spend any more time with prostitutes.

Thousands of Facebook users have signed up to be organ donors this week, thanks to a new feature on the social networking site that makes it easier to register.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a partnership with Donate Life American this week to increase the number of potential organ donors and offered an option for FB fans to sign up for it.

It was a heartwarming—and maybe a heart-getting—gesture on the part of Mr. Zuckerberg but probably not warm enough to rekindle his relationship with the Winklevoss twins.

▪ Purple tears for the Ravens and their fans on Thursday about the news of Terrell Suggs’ injury. Get well soon, T-Sizzle. We need you, man!

▪ Sorry to hear The Commish is stepping down from the Baltimore City Police Department after doing the best he could to fight crime in Bloodymore for five years. All the best to you, soon-to-be citizen Bealefeld!  

Rumor has it Mayor Rawlings-Blake isn’t sorry to see him go and I know Delegate Jill Carter (D) isn’t. I heard her fillet him on the local news.

▪ Speaking of Baltimore City, no school for the kids and staff at Windsor Hills Elementary Middle School today.  It’s closed so police can continue their investigation of the body of an unidentified dead man found next to school property last night.

▪ Holy smoke! Shots were fired in the office of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Ellicott City yesterday, resulting in the death of one woman and leaving the second woman in critical condition.

The police found the body of an unidentified man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a gun nearby in a wooded area near the church who, they say, may have been the shooter.

▪ Maryland State Senator Majority Leader Rob Garagiola (D) will be getting a knuckle rapping for failure to disclose income he received while working as a DC lobbyist in 2001-03.

It will be a one-time rapping as The Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics said “no further proceedings are justified”.  So say They.

▪ Newton Leroy Gingrich may be out of the game but he is still insisting Romney lied during the campaign. The headline should have been “Pot Calls Kettle Black”.

▪ Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” was only on the auction block for twelve minutes at Sotheby’s in New York on Wednesday night. The unnamed buyer paid $119,922,500 for the masterpiece, one of the four versions of the iconic masterpiece and the only one with a frame hand-painted by the artist.
Mr. Munch added his inspirational poem for the masterpiece to that one, in which he described himself “shivering with anxiety” and felt “the great scream in nature.”
As I have said, that’s the same kind of feelings I get when I think about another four years of Obama.

▪ And people keep saying, “Have a good one!”
June Smith is the founder of the Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Hopkins and ,her tribute website honoring the legacy of her late husband, Ron Smith, who was a media titan in the central Maryland area and beyond for almost forty years. Her email is

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