June Smith

▪ Ron won an EMMY® Award; Baltimore has a new Archbishop; Bob Baffert has a horse running in the Preakness; and the oh so special Special Session ended the way we knew it would.
▪ You can find out online how “your” lawmakers voted in the Special Session but what difference will that make?
▪ What fun it will be to watch how putting the burden of teacher pensions on the counties plays out!
▪ A Baltimore County couple did a little online shopping; “met” a fifteen year old girl; chummed her into their home; made her call them “Miss” and “Master”; made her their sex-slave for five months; videotaped the sex acts and her in bondage;  and distributed the videos.
They’ve been indicted. She’s been destroyed.
▪ The Department of Natural Resources caught a record-breaking 18-pound Snakehead in a tributary of the Potomac River in Blue Montgomery County, Maryland, where the median home price is $833,400. Snakeheads apparently have no fear of the property tax rate.
I checked the Potomac home town portal for news of the super snare but the last update was about the Great Falls Park flooding on May 22, 2011. I reckon the webmaster’s gone fishin’.
▪ More coddling for juvies this week when a Juvenile Court judge “sentenced” the youths involved in the early March killing of 13-year-old Monae Turnage. They covered her body plastic trash bags and left her there to die.

The 13-year-old shooter could serve up to three years in detention where he will be getting treatment and lots of store brand Jell-O. He’ll get out in time to get a DMV Learner’s Permit.

The 12-year-old accessory after the fact has been sent to live with relatives out of town under “juvenile services supervision.” No word on how long he’ll be on their dime. Juvenile records are sealed for our protection. It’s better not to know because there’s nothing we can do about it.

While Monae is spending the rest of her life in heaven and her family and friends mourning the tragic loss, the police investigation continues. A relative of one of the “children” sentenced yesterday has to ‘splane how the gun used in the crime was found under his bed. Then they have to find out why the weapon was found in a fellow officer’s car, and ask one of the baby’s mommas how her DNA got on Monae’s body.
▪ Obama discussed gay marriage with Michele and the children. Obviously, they were very persuasive. How quickly the children have embraced the Sidwell Friends School PC curriculum.
▪ Ironically, the Obama’s campaign manager is calling for Romney to show “moral leadership”.
▪ BO is taking some time off from the campaign trail to host weekend world summits.
He and some of the other world wizards in the G8 will gather at Camp David where Europe’s debt crisis will be the number one item on the “hoowah, bushwah, and blah blah” agenda. 
▪ No “Smores around the campfire for Putin.  Vlad’s skipping the summit and waiting to see who wins the U.S. election before he plays his next hand.
▪ Romney called Russia an “enemy”.
▪ Somebody needs to call Dr. Strangelove.
▪ Sounds like the European Union is about to break up. “It isn’t us,” the EU said to Greece, “it’s you.”
▪ I didn’t electronically sign the card for Michele Obama on Mother’s Day so I’m not automatically on the campaign fundraising hit list.
▪ George Zimmerman’s doctor’s medical report revealed more than a broken nose, two black eyes, and trauma to the back of his head.
▪ I wasn’t surprised by the recent Time “suckling” cover or Newsweek’s “first gay president” cover but I was surprised that people are still buying those two magazines.
▪ The Lakers have fallen into Lake Losing and crybaby Bynum is filling it quickly.
▪ Lebron is feeling the heat. 
▪ Facebook used to be fun.
▪ Wal-Mart’s U.S. business 1Q profits are up 10.1 percent. More Wall-Streeters and billionaires must be hearing the official “Welcome to Wal-Mart!” greeting.
▪ Bill Murray wore a “Caddyshack”-style jacket to the Riviera Fest in Cannes, a Bollywood superstar got in a tussle with a cricket group, and Donna Summer danced her last dance.
▪ The U.S. unemployment rate stayed the same and the thirty and 15-year mortgage rates fell. That’s an easy riddle to solve.
▪ So much news, so many signs of how close we are to the edge of the slippery slope, so little time.
Stay sane, Red Marylanders. Remember, it’s not you, it’s them…

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June Smith is the widow of WBAL talk show host and Sun columnist, Ron Smith, who was a media titan in the central Maryland area and beyond for almost forty years. Her tribute website honoring his legacy is  She is working diligently to raise one million dollars for the Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Johns Hopkins. Her email is


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