Did the DGA Pick the Wrong Guy?

Did the nation’s Democratic governors–what’s left of them–pick the wrong guy in Martin O’Malley to lead the Democratic Governor’s Association?

Going by state rankings of business climate, economic freedom, and corruption, Governor O’Malley’s record leaves a lot to be desired.
For example, Maryland ranks 42nd in the nation on the Tax Foundation’s Business Tax Climate rankings. Even accounting for just the Democratic governors Maryland ranks 15th out the 20 blue states. 
Maryland doesn’t fare much better in CEO Magazine’s Best-Worst States for Doing Business index. Maryland ranks 40th overall and 13th among the 20 states with Democratic governors.
Looking for personal and economic freedom? Don’t look to the Free State.  O’Malley’s Maryland ranks 43rd overall in personal and economic freedom according to the Mercatus Center, and 16th among his 20 fellow DGA colleagues.
When it comes to ethics, transparency, and preventing corruption Maryland comes in with an embarrassing 40th ranking nationally on the State Integrity Report.  Even more embarrassing for Governor O’Malley, is that Maryland ranks dead last among the 20 states run by Democrats.  What does it say about O’Malley’s Maryland that it makes Illinois, home to Rod Blagojevich,look good. 
High taxes, poor business climate, low personal freedom, and corruption–is this the record national Democrats want associated with the new face of their party? 

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