The Broadside Tonight 7PM

Tonight on The Broadside

Bill Spann CEO of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association joins us to talk about tobacco and cigar regulations that threaten to put the FDA in our humidors.
Who is more open minded conservatives or liberals?  Two new studies say conservatives are more open minded and knowledgeable than liberals. We’ll talk about that.
The MGOP will hold its spring convention this weekend and the hot topic is Nicolee Ambrose vs. Audrey Scott for National Committeewoman.  
Mitt Romney is not the official GOP presidential nominee yet, but he is trading barbs with President Obama as if the general election has already begun.
All that and a follow-up to criticism of last week’s clips show. 
Tune in tonight at 7pm on the NEW Red Maryland Network Ustream Channel.  

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