Open Letter to Audrey Scott

The below letter is why we need a thorough housecleaning of the MD GOP. Not only has Scott sent out this mailer, she has also taped robocalls to the same effect.

Oh, I’m sure there is zero connection between Audrey’s son, Lawrence, being on Brinkley’s payroll as a political consultant.

April 2, 2012

To: The Honorable Audrey Scott
From: Delegate Michael Hough

Mrs. Scott, I recently received a campaign mailing from David Brinkley for Congress that had the following quote attributed to Audrey Scott, Past Chairman MD State Republican Party “Roscoe Bartlett’s liberal voting record is wrong for America and it is wrong for Republicans and it is why we are each supporting Senator David Brinkley for Congress.”

First let me say you have every right to endorse David Brinkley and good Republicans can and do disagree about the best candidate in this primary. Unfortunately you crossed the line of what is acceptable when you blatantly mislead voters about Congressman Bartlett’s voting record.

The facts are Congressman Bartlett has a lifetime voting score from the American Conservative Union of 92 percent, which higher than that of Alan West, Paul Ryan and many other prominent conservative Republicans. In addition, Congressman Bartlett has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, Maryland Right to Life, and has signed and stayed in compliance with the no-new taxes pledge.

Roscoe Bartlett is a true conservative.

Currently, you are running within the Maryland Republican Party for the position of Republican National Committeewoman and local Republican central committee members will be asked to vote on your candidacy. One must ask if these are the kind of false and negative attacks we want coming from our National Committeewoman?

Especially in light of your most recent actions, I hope your candidacy is rejected and instead central committee members select Nicolee Ambrose who is better qualified to build our Party going forward.


Delegate Michael Hough
Frederick & Washington Counties

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