June Smith

 ▪ Someone forgot to hook the latch on the screen door at a Baltimore City Department of Social Services building on Biddle Street Tuesday morning and Kenisha Thomas walked in for a supervised visit with her baby girl, Pretty Diamond, with a concealed kitchen knife.

During the supervised visit, Ms. Thomas, who has clearly made the case for why her eight-month old daughter is “in the system”, complained about the foster care her pretty little diamond was receiving and expressed her opinion that she could do a better job.

After being informed that the hour-long visit was coming to the end, according to the police report, Mommy Dearest announced “It is about to be over”, put the baby on a table and stabbed her little gem five times.

In the struggle to get the baby out of the room, a staff member threw chairs at Ms. Thomas who fended them off until he could finally restrain her. She then bit the hand of the man that held her down, and God only knows what else happened until the police got to the scene.

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A medic unit arrived and whisked the bleeding baby to Johns Hopkins where she is now in stable condition and is expected to survive the attempted infanticide.

At the time she was taken into custody, Ms. Thomas shouted “Lock me up, if I can’t have her, no one will”. She has since been charged with attempted murder, child abuse and assault, and a weapons violation.

She’s now behind bars and receiving mental evaluations and we can only hope her daughter will never be near her or in her care again.

This horrific incident immediately led to an outcry from an AFSME union leader (the union of the only choice for the DSS workers), calling for the current DSS security service provider’s contract to be terminated; for the need of better, costlier security services; and even consideration of armed security guards.

There’s no way to know if armed guards could have prevented this tragedy but armed guards would be a better bet for security than the “Rocks, Paper, Scissors” method currently in place.

The AFSCME rep referred to this as another example of the people and children of Maryland being put at risk by the “Doomsday” budget cuts.

So follow the fear mongering and the money on this one, folks. No doubt it is a concern.

In the days ahead, we’ll hear more from ASFCME and many others calling for fewer budget cuts for our own safety— with the money for them coming out of our own pockets—as the real story here slides down the media memory hole.

▪ Bye, bye, Newt. See you next time, hopefully, as a spectator, in the stands with Santorum or in the stands with him in the sanitarium. BTW, what were you thinking? Too much baggage, man. And baggage only flies free on Southwest.

▪ The official site of the Maryland Office of Tourism boasts that “Maryland is packed with fun things to see and do!”

Not so for the Virginia tourist who was beaten, stripped and robbed in front of the Mitchell Court House on North Calvert Street, just blocks from the setting Sun, on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

I don’t know how St. Patrick’s Day became a Weekend, but I digress… 

 A cell phone video of the vicious miscreants beating the helpless victim that went viral captured a laughing crowd, gathered to watch the vile act. After the beating, the members of the crowd striped him, took his car keys, phone, and anything else they could steal and left him bleeding on the street.

The video led to four suspects eventually being caught in the police dragnet but the hunt is still on for the person who took the video.

Baltimore City Police Department Spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi said that person will not face charges but there are “ethical questions” about the commission of a crime with no intervention on the part of bystanders.

What? If the person who videoed it did nothing to intervene, how is it possible no charges would be filed?  

And, although all of the suspects are black and the victim is white, the case is not being investigated as a hate crime. Really? Yes, really.

Welcome to Maryland. It’s packed with things for the cognitive elite to observe including the abject surrendering of our society as we once knew it.

Stay sane, Marylanders, and remember, we are not Trayvon.
Mrs. Smith is the widow of WBAL show host and Sun columnist, Ron Smith, founder of The Ron Smith Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Hopkins and Her email is

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