MD-6 Slugfest Ends In A Whimper Not A Bang

Once you get past the point of, as one of my colleagues said, starting to hate everyone involved in the GOP primary in MD-6 it had amusing moments and there may even be silver linings in the clouds and lemonade to be made of lemons.

First the good news. State Senator David Brinkley was repudiated at the polls. To say that Brinkleys’ campaign was disreputable is to raise it a few notches above where it belongs. From selecting a campaign slogan obviously meant to remind voters of Mr. Bartlett’s age, to his silly attacks on Kathy Afzali that he didn’t quite know when to stop, to calling Mr. Bartlett a liberal, to enlisting the mom of one of his campaign consultants to make dishonest (again I’m being charitable) robocalls there was little to commend the way his campaign was conducted and the people of MD-6 have dodged a bullet.
Perhaps some of the money used to fund the Audrey Scott robocall should have been used to hire a competent pollster. A 20 point loss is hardly “a virtual dead heat” unless “virtual” and “dead heat” have taken on a whole new meaning.
This primary is only the first step in retaining Mr. Bartlett’s seat. It will be a tough fight because for a man of Mr. Bartlett’s length of service he should have been able to poll a clear majority. His final tally of 44%, even in a crowded field, when combined with his anemic fundraising screams weakness. He will be facing a tough challenge from John Delaney who has very deep pockets.

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