Giveth, Taketh

We have chronicled Eric Luedtke’s desire to restrict the public’s ability to have a redress of grievances on Monday, but I wanted to note one other piece of very useful information on Luedtke and the Democrat’s war on consequences.

Luedtke wants to drastically restrict the ability of the people to easily petition legislation to referendum. One of the reasons that Luedtke cites is that there needs to be integrity in the referendum process.

That’s interesting. I can see why Luedtke and other legislators would want to ensure that the referendum process is undertaken with integrity. But unsurprisingly, Luedtke doesn’t think that extends to actual voting. Luedtke is not listed as one of the sponsors of House Bill 113, which would require voters to verify there identity when voting.

And that is one thing that is key to note about out-of-touch liberals like Eric Luedtke. See, as I noted on Monday, liberals fear the sleeping giant that they have awakened in Maryland. They’re scared that we can now fight back. Extremists like Luedtke, in order to protect their phony baloney jobs (and pet programs too), instead are attempting to use the powers that they have as legislators to both give rights and take them.

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Liberals want to take away the rights of citizens to petition bad bills to a public vote.

And liberals want to extend the right (or at the very least, preserve the ability) for voter fraud to occur.

The legislature giveth. The legislature taketh. This is why we require vigilance, particularly when the General Assembly is in session. Annapolis is often the logic-free zone when it comes to basic rights and common sense. And it is why we must redouble our efforts to make sure that wackadoodle urban liberals such as Luedtke are kept in check.

But fret not friends. We’re winning…

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